Density Lab

In science class today the students made towers of different liquids and then dropped items into it. The density of the objects and the liquids affected how much the object sank. Click “Read More” to see more pictures


On Monday the 8th Graders went to Kindergarten and met their new buddies!

Click link to view pictures:

Mercy SF and Serra

Today in class representatives from Mercy SF and Serra visited the 7th and 8th graders to talk about the schools.


Welcome to the Annual Fun Run!
It’s where the students get pledges to run 40 laps and depending on the pledges they get prizes!
The Fun Run will be on Sept 21, Friday, 2018
To pledge, get your student’s participant code (those will go home on Wednesday) and go to (Make sure that it has their name on it, otherwise it will go to someone else’s pledges)

Math Class

Today in Math Class we were working on multi-step equations.
Math is hard!

Music Class

Today was 8th grade’s first music class!

STEM Gifts

In STEM class the students made gifts for a randomly chosen partner with only Tape, packing peanuts, and straws!

Click the link below for pictures